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Birgitta Tryberg is an experienced Feng Shui consultant. She is also a qualified physiotherapist and holds a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine from Nanjing, China.
Birgitta has 20 years of experience in speaking on subjects that influence life quality and personal growth. She is very much in demand throughout Scandinavia as a lecturer and consultant.
Birgitta has a great deal of expertise with Feng Shui in the fields of:
• Business and work environment
• Hospital and care environment
• Children and school environment
• Gardens and landscaping
• Home environment
• Life quality and personal growth

Birgittas is the author of:
Se ditt liv med nya ögon
– Feng Shui som livsguide” -05

In this book Birgitta Tryberg interprets the old Chinese theories and how people can benefit from using them in a modern way without old fashion rules and superstitions. Birgitta is in this book clearly describing that Feng Shui is not a theory one believes in or not. It just is.
She is further more introducing the reader to the philosophy of things, and how we are influenced by everything around us.

”Färgspråk, formspråk, klarspråk
– Feng Shui på jobbet” -07

This is the first book written in Swedish on Feng Shui in the work environment. Birgitta Tryberg is linking Feng Shui to Traditional Chinese Medicine in the parts that describes different characters in the office. The book is dealing with Feng Shui in business, areas for negotiation, health care environment, childrens spaces, shops, schools and offices.

”Utsidan speglar insidan – Feng Shui en väg till förändring” -08
The third book contains a number of observations. With colour photography Birgitta Tryberg brings the reader into different homes. With more than 80 photos she is showing the reader how the home environment reflects different life situations. The situations described are about grief, joy, separations, love, health and personal growth.



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